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We have available with us a precision-engineered range of Air Ventilator which is based on the latest principle of operation. Rotating vanes of the turbo vent creates low pressures zone due to the centrifugal force. This in turn withdraws the fresh air from outside and helps in replacing polluted air or hot air continuously to atmosphere. Salient features: • Sturdy in construction • Light in weight • Cost effective • No maintenance cost • Suited for buildings with explosive environment • Can be easily mounted on any roofing • Assured ventilation • Wind powered roof mounted ventilators that are designed to withstand high wind speeds • Made up of closely spaced profiled vanes, these are rain water & bird proof • Capable of removing heat, dust and fumes • Helps in avoiding condensation at the bottom of the roof These are used in: • Factories • Warehouses • Workshops • Industrial Sheds • Domestic application . For more info visit us at
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